Dyno Tuning

What is ECU Remapping / Tuning?

ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. This is done by
reading out the factory software and modifying its tables using highly specialized software. We then write the software back into your ECU with the changes made. We always keep a copy of your factory ECU file so we can revert back to the factory program at anytime should this be required.

What is altered?

A variety of parameters can be changed and fine-tuned to achieve the result ‘you’ require. We can change fueling, injection settings, torque limits and targets, boost pressure and a host of other specifications. What we change really does depend on your specific requirements for the machine. Even the smallest of changes can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

What are the benefits of ECU Remapping?

Increased Power & Torque.
Increased Efficiency.
Reduced Operating Temperatures.
Reduced Fuel Consumption.

What makes it safe?

Modern vehicles are controlled by many computers, they control everything from air fuel ratios to torque output. We work with these computers so we can safely increase power, torque and often improve fuel economy whilst retaining all your factory safety parameter and safe guards.

What sets us apart from generic tuning?

All tunes performed through Garage76 are calibrated and verified on our in-house ‘Dyno Dynamics Dynotech’ dyno.  This allows us to closely monitor engine vitals along with performing back to back testing in an controlled environment.  This makes testing repeatable and accurate,
allowing us to deliver quality individual tunes.

Diesel Power Unlimited

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